Westmoreland Aviators was created to provide pilots with an alternative to the time consuming and costly chore of owning and maintaining their own aircraft.  WAA handles all aspects of aircraft ownership and maintenance.  From acquisitions to repairs and inspections through major overhauls, WAA manages these tasks and eliminates the unplanned expense associated with unexpected equipment failures.  Aviator members have full access to WAA facilities including a comfortable pilots lounge, flight planning computers, conference room, and other amenities.  If you fly 3 or more hours a month then becoming a Aviator is economically advantageous.  Add in all the other benefits and we know you will want to become a Westmoreland Aviator.

Aviator Advantages

  1. Priority Scheduling
  2. Access to your choice of aircraft
  3. Reduced rental rates
  4. No fuel surcharges
  5. Use of WAA facilities and equipment.

Aircraft Categories

In order to provide pilots with an option to fly only those aircraft they choose; WAA provides membership categories.   The Bronze category provides access to basic fixed gear aircraft.  Silver category adds aircraft with enhanced performance and navigational capabilities.  If you only want access to our facilities WAA offers a Pilots Membership.  See a WAA representative to obtain a list of aircraft in each category.