Westmoreland Aviation is flight training.  Whether you are just beginning your training or working on advanced ratings, Westmoreland Aviation can help you achieve your goals.  Westmoreland Aviation is a club.  For pilots with at least a Private Pilots Certificate, Westmoreland Aviation is the place to pursue your flying passion.

Ten Years and Counting!

Westmoreland Aviation is now in its 10th year.  In this year we have seen an increase in the number of aircraft to six, significant increases in the number of students, and the beginning of the Westmoreland Aviators Flying Club.  It has only been a few years since Westmoreland Aviation opened its doors and began operations as a flight school; starting with only six students and one aircraft.

Today Westmoreland Aviation is so much more.   Flight training operations are still the primary focus, however the Aviators Flying Club and the Ground School partnership with Westmoreland County Community College have become permanent components of Westmoreland Aviation’s operations.

How did we get here?

Well, a few years ago while David Castaldo (Co-Owner) was training to obtain his pilot’s license he was surprised to learn that the flight school was going to close.  Not wanting to see the school close and the airport lack training facilities, David approached his friend and fellow pilot JT Spangler with an idea….”Hey lets start a new flight school”.   David and JT go way back and JT had a lot to do with the David wanting to learn to fly.  It took just a few golf trips in JT’s Bonanza to plant the flying bug with David.

  • Safety First
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Flying is Fun!

Ignoring the daunting financial prospects they ventured forth in partnership.  Forgetting the advice both had given to other entrepreneur’s to proceed with great caution.   David spent most of the last decade participating or advising on business turnarounds and JT worked on building growth companies and serving as an operating partner of a private equity firm.  Putting some of those skills to work they needed to understand why flight schools all over the country were failing.  Applying techniques from their other ventures they soon began to understand the problem and from that developed the guiding principles of Westmoreland Aviation.

At Westmoreland Aviation we are guided by three principles:

  1. Safety in equipment and operations.
  2. Students are customers and customers come first!
  3. Flying is a passion, never forget to enjoy the fun.

So come to Westmoreland Aviation and know that the aircraft are well maintained, that your satisfaction is important to the owners and instructors of the organization, and that we are going to put a smile on your face.  Westmoreland Aviation is a company owned and operated by PILOTS!!

Where are we going?

Now as over seventy people come through the doors of Westmoreland Aviation as students and club members every month they can only think …”what next?”.  Well the next year is just beginning, and we will see what Westmoreland Aviation has planned for the future.