Located at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe, Pa., Westmoreland Aviation is your complete aviation resource center. Whether your goal is to obtain your private pilot’s license, or you just want to take a scenic flight around the Pittsburgh area, Westmoreland Aviation can help you.

From Day 1, our experienced and Certified Flight Instructors will train you to become a confident and competent pilot. By utilizing the Jeppesen ground and flight-based curriculum, we provide you with a structured approach on the ground and in the air. Westmoreland Aviation offers you expertly-maintained equipment and facilities to make sure you complete your pilot journey in your timeframe. Please click here to meet our team.

Westmoreland Aviation has also partnered with Westmoreland Community College to offer Ground School instructional classes. Whether you are preparing for the FAA knowledge test or you want to add to your understanding of flight, this informative class provides the instruction you need.